Lament To Freedom

In a rare moment of inspiration and lucidity I wrote something that did not want me to throw it away after spewing out the words. I was thinking of the insanity going around in the West by governments now blatantly tightening control, how the average person will soon be choked from the iron fist around their neck. I wrote this poem in a matter of minutes without having to edit it, and feel I should not edit it when something like this flows so freely. It is a snapshot of that moment.

I call it a poem for convenience and a lack of alternative definition. It rhymes a little, it has a meter a little, it has a poetic truth a little. So here is some of a little:



Remember the bravery and honour

Of ancestors gone by

Forge your heart and arm

To steel and light

To shine and harden through the ages


Let the righteous anger

Boil to rage

Let the righteous light

Shine through the darkness

So your enemies are blinded and defeated

So the memory of your deeds

Are remembered by the poets of future

So your deeds are remembered by

The generations


There is no name except the name

Made for the generations

Made for the children

To honour and respect

Made for the women to respect and lament

Let their moistness

Inspire you


Raise with deeds of words and steel

Warriors of righteousness

Raise your flag

Plant your feet

Raise your steel

Harden your heart

Yell your cry

Let none take the generations away

Let none take your memory away


Poets sing your song

Remember the freedom

Granted by those of steel and light

Never forget your sacred duty


Farmers plant your seed

Nomads shepard your flocks

Scribes sharpen your quills

Smiths fan your forge

Priests light your incense

Life requires your diligence


Freedom will not leave our hearts

Lies will not silence our tongues

Deceit will not kill our honesty

Blasphemy will not still our faith

Murder will not stain our shields

Evil will blood our swords

Liberty will strengthen our arm

Our descendents will live free

Note: I had to insert the greater than signs for the breaks to be noticed.