The Meaning of Life?

For thousands of years philosophers have pondered the most difficult question of all; The Meaning of Life. This question is integral to our existence and has been left unanswered, only postulated. There are several questions on the periphery; where do we come from?, what is my purpose here?, is there a God? Asking these questions you can come to why am I here? What is the meaning of all this? Is this real or illusionary?

Due to the profound nature of this question finding the answer directly is monumental. So I’ am going to attack it from the flank. Let me start with a definition from the Oxford Dictionary of English;


Pronunciation: /kriːˈeɪt/

Definition of create


  • 1 [with object] bring (something) into existence: he created a thirty-acre lakeover 170 jobs were created
  • cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions: divorce created only problems for children
  • (of an actor) originate (a role) by playing a character for the first time: Callas created only one role, and that was Eurydice
  • [with object and complement] invest (someone) with a title of nobility: he was created a baronet
  • 2 [no object]Britishinformal make a fuss; complain: little kids create because they hate being ignored





late Middle English (in the sense ‘form out of nothing’, used of a divine or supernatural being): from Latin creat- ‘produced’, from the verb creare

Religions have a creation myth and many cultures sufficiently advanced have one too. A vast amount of people agree we are living in a creation of an entity; supernatural, omnipresent, ruling over our existence. Pick your attributes. The attribute that I’ am focusing on is the creator one. At least two creation myths I know about say we were made in the image of the Creator entity. It makes sense as our penchant for creating art, technology, cities, etc, would reflect the inspiration and fire of this Creator, a mirror of the image. If we are in the image of the Creator are we not creators?

Looking at the life systems of our home life seems to have one goal designed to create. A tree seeds, a cell divides, animals reproduce. Every form of life has a mechanism to create a copy (reproduce) of itself.

God ‘brings (something) into existence’, a world and man, the man in his image. His creations create and one, man, creates in the image of his Creator. All of our life we are creating, the blink of an eye bringing a movement into existence, writing a symbol on paper, eating and feeding the division of cells, building ideas made of wood, stone, metal. As you read this these words sixty times a second these words are blinking in and out of this creation.

The Meaning of Life is to Create. The Purpose you have to find for yourself.