A Crackling Dream

A dream of the future
Of a future long on
The horizon of a rising sun

Crackling wood, crisp winters
Bright summers, cozy nights
An axe in hand
A book in hand
The fair woman
Curled up in the plush chair
Her body warmed and comforted
By the bearskin
Enveloping fair skin
Smooth and shining

A wind gently assaults
The stalwart logs
Of a cabin in the woods
The axe splits the wood
The hoe tends the garden
The gunshot fells the moose
The pen carves into rough paper
Memorable words

Seen from the frosted window
The dog chases the hare
Seen from the chair
The cat lazes by the stove
Of crackling wood
Of comforting heat

Tranquility and purpose
Peace and struggle
These things
Exist hand in hand
In the beautiful dance
Of nature and rustic cabin

Blood and sweat to build the cabin
Love and God to fill it
For the Kingdom is made
Through struggle and purpose
Inch by inch
The foot, one in front off the other
A thought on top of the other
A calluse is a path to entry
Bliss is earned of work
Well done