The Mouse On The News

With the eyes of a hawk

I read and search

For the mouse in the news

On and on I fly

Lies, truth, deceit

Are the grasses of the field


The Serpents hidden in the fields

Whisper in the ears

Of the fool and wise

Forked tongues weave

Tales and fables

Absurd and simple

There, across the river

Is the parable

The mouse scrambling amongst

The rocks

Climbing the mountain

It scurries

Already I weary

Become man I must

Pondering and deliberate

Now are my chains

Slowly I climb the mountain

Upright I’ am

Slowly I go

As the Beast bounds ahead

Yet I know I must

Carry on

For the summit parts the clouds

From Homer to Aristotle, Ovid to Virgil

Patriarch to Prophet

Milton to Pope

Locke to Rand

Goebbels to Hunter S. Thompson

Tread straight

The gold is sifted through the mud

Headline to pulp

The greats transmute the metals of the base

Anger, grief, desperation

Is the flight of the Raven

His flight noisy and low

Yet the fool is the wisest

Not knowing his gold

Let loose the Ravens

Follow their flight

They will show you

The mouse