The trumpets of shame sound

The poppy of disgrace, worn

The march of Kinslayers remembered

In the Far West

For long ago

A few generations past

Brothers crossed a sea

To murder Kin

On the lands of their birth


Our race was given an avatar

An eagle to fly

On shining banners

The Holy Spirit taking interest

Grace and mercy bestowed

To fight the Eternal Battle

Arms and armour were donned


A call was made of love

A call was made to show

Our love and fight the Serpent

To banish them to the nest

Darkness and poison is their fruit


This fruit did the betrayers eat

This fruit they sprinkled

With the blood of saints

So the Kinslayers and betrayers

Extinguished the light


Europa mortally wounded

She collapsed with a wound to her side

Venom of Serpents seeping in


What pain does a Mother know

Of a slain Son?

His corpse still beside her

Lamentations cannot bring back the breath

Tears cannot water the veins

Touch cannot warm


So this Remembrance Day

Remember not the dark, terrible deeds

Of those that pierced your Mother

Do not dance the dance of Serpents

Dry your Mother’ s tears

Stitch your Mother’ s side


Light the Candles

Sharpen the Sword

Raise your Cross

Paint your Shield


Honour your ancestors

Learning the Truth

Light the Darkness

Slay the Dragon