Standing on Stone

Across our lands

The Destroyers come

For brave men now

Stone and iron

Their efforts and achievements

We remembered and honoured

For heroism deserves

A reward

Against our enemies

They fought

Doing their duty

Hounouring loyalty

A forgotten hero

Late was enshrined

In a forgotten town

Of history

Edward Cornwallis

Is his name

Halifax is the town


One deed is worthy

Of song and immortality

When the Serpent’ s

Dark forces threatened

London and civilization

Of the Isles

Cornwallis rode them down

The Scottish Jacobites

No more

Fallen and broken

In 1746 at Culloden

Terrible retribution

Was taken

Mild it was

If victory was lost

Two Titans battled

Across the sea

Britain and France

Two mighty brothers

Engulfing the savage lands

Taming and lighting

The dark and brutal

Noble savages these

Were not

Who inhabited

A Hades on Midgard

No better man

Was there?

Who defeated

Forces of the Yiddish

To secure an inlet

Against French control

Of the mighty

St.Lawerance River

Out he was sent

To claim and fortify

Another claim

Of destiny


Arryaed against him

Were tools

Of the French

Tribes of the savage

Paid bounty

Upon the scalps

Of the British

With few resources

Too few soldiers

Defensive he had to be

Careful had to be

His actions

Bounty he paid for

The scalps of

Semi-nomads who

Drew first blood


Two hundred and

Sixty eight years later

The semi-nomad cries

Foul and loud

A false claim

Of unjustified genocide


Never enough miles

Taken with their hysterics

Even an inch emboldens

Insane demands


Reconciliation they

Scream from pulpit

Built by Europeans

As hypocrisy continues

Demand for responsibility

For a lie

Continues foaming

Those that raised them

From mud and darkness

Shall still owe them

For a deed they

Instigated and

Long dead

Now they come

For stone and iron

A long sixty and eight

Years before

Was built a reward

From the sweat

The Canadian European

Supports them

Stolen from our backs

By corrupt parasites

Given to the ungrateful


After our

Stone and iron

Flag and flesh

They shall come

Holy Confederate land


Already besieged

Stand on stone

Claim the destiny

Our ancestors

Paid for

Let no more monuments

Fall too

Savage destroyers