My poetical field of Paradise, where I play with words, rhyme, and lyrical themes. Hopefully these poems inspire and motivate.

As will be noticed there is a general theme I like to talk about. About the current plight of the Caucasian, of the Whiteman, and Western Civilization.  I’ am deeply interested in history, philosophy, religion,  and literature (when there was good literature). As I have grown older I have seen the direction of the present and have a need to fight back. Always a rebel, the true rebel must evaluate the creative principle and the destructive principle and thus by identifying both can choose the Fire. In this way then their rebelliousness is a benefit, a creative force, a rebellion against the current trend of deconstruction of the Aryan and Civilization. A high ideal but an ideal worth struggling upwards towards, life is a struggle and spiritual strength is the strength of struggle towards a higher logos. Not destructive altruistic love.

Everything on this site is my creation, unless otherwise noted (I give credit to where credit is due), and the Copyrighted work of Jake D. Parsons. My work though has to stand alone without name, as the carved stone of the Acropolis stands eternally forgetful of it’ s artist. I try to keep a spiritual element in the creation and distribution of poetry. Although you do not see my name at the end of the poems feel free to share the links to them. If you want to save them, print them, share them outside of the site in another media please add my name to them. The Universe is awakening so if you decide to be a Serpent and try to steal credit, well she will kick your ass in one way or another.